Here’s the prototype of a small Flash game for my school assignment. It’s a two player game, an the goal is to hit your opponent. The blue and orange circles are force fields; the blue ones pull your bullet towards them while the red ones push it away. Try to aim with the correct angle and power. You get to move a bit at the beginning of your turn, to avoid enemy fire.

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At the beginning of your turn, you get to move you character (there’s no meter to indicate how much you can move yet, but will be added soon). After you’re satisfied with your position, press space to enter aiming mode. Use the arrow keys to adjust your power and angle, and press space again to shoot.

The one shown here is re-sized to fit into the post. Click here for the full-sized version.

P.S.: I can’t actually beat it yet. Looks like some level design work needs to be done.