Previously I blogged about an incomplete prototype for my game assignment here. It has long since been completed, just that I didn’t have time to update it here. So here it is, the completed game with levels.

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This is a turn-based two player game. Each player takes control of either the green or pink circular thing on the screen. During your turn, use the arrow keys to move around and adjust your position. Take note of the meter below the screen which displays your movement points. When it runs out, you can’t move anymore. After you’re satisfied with your position or ran out of movement points, press the spacebar to aim you entity. Left and right arrow keys to turn, up and down to adjust the power. The higher the power, the higher your projectile’s velocity.

The blue and orange circles are force fields, which will affect the way your projectiles move. Blue attracts, red repels. Oh and the green and pink meter on the top of the screen are your HP. Kill your opponent to win. Have fun!